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Enrolments for Beautiful Life Bootcamp eCourse now open!

Hey there beautiful! Are you living your best life? Are you shining brightly?

If you want to know more about connecting with your soul (inner spirit), finding self-acceptance and worth, creating your dreams In Real Life, expanding your sense of daily joy and inner peace, and doing some 'mental housecleaning' to throw out old limiting beliefs, emotional pains, fears, worries and self-doubts… check out the Beautiful Life Bootcamp eCourse now! 

Connect with me at my new space NotesOnBliss.com

Hello lovely readers,

I hope you’re feeling good, enjoying life and kicking goals.

It’s been a long time between posts on Give Me Bows and a LOT has happened.

From a heart-twisting breakup, a career crisis and health challenges…
...to a new beautiful apartment, the thrill of finally pursuing my passions, meeting my soulmate, taking huge steps towards creating my dream life, and having many an “aha!” moment along the way!

I am now blogging about life, dreams and happiness over at NotesonBliss.com.

I have a few exciting surprises in store in the coming months, and I’d love to reconnect with you there!

I'd also love to connect elsewhere:


Love and gratitude, Elyse x