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Here and there

Just a few more snaps to share with you from the first golden half roll of film, from around and about, taken on the walk to weekend brunches. Without getting ahead of myself as I obviously have a lotto learn about film photography, I would eventually like to get my hands on a normal frame (not half frame) film camera. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

Meet my golden half

I love this tiny little film camera as it fits in my pocket, and it shoots half frames, meaning you end up with two images on each photograph. I just picked up my first roll of film from processing, and I was so relieved to see that not everything was dark and blurry like I had feared. My only slight disappointment is that I completely lost track of how many shots I had taken early on, so when I was taking photographs, I couldn't 'pair up' the images I wanted to go together in my imagination. I have loads of ideas of things I want to shoot on the same frame, so next time I will stick a post-it note to the camera to keep track of whether I am up to the second half of a used frame, or the first half of a new frame! I also have some pictures of the neighbourhood to share soon. I hope everyone is having a lovely week.

Thank You Giveaway Two

It's almost the weekend and to celebrate I thought I would announce part two of the little giveaway to say thank you for all your lovely comments (and to pay forward some of the good karma I received recently in winning a blog giveaway myself, it really made my day). 

I have chosen an adorable 'Flappers in the Boudoir' pocket mirrors set made by one of my favourite etsy stores, Flapper Doodle (run by the very talented illustrator Kate). The vintage flapper girl illustrations were too sweet to resist. I am always forgetting my pocket mirror when I switch to a different handbag in the mornings, so I thought it would be a nice idea to have a little mirror to pop in a few bags and one to keep at work too.

Entry is open to all followers of Give Me Bows anywhere in the world + all you have to do is comment below (I could be a little more creative but I really don't want to make you jump through hoops, it is Friday after all!) Entries are open until midnight 15 June 2011. P.S. congratulations to Laura, the winner of the book locket necklace.

Saturday Morning Stroll

This morning we took a stroll through town to one of our favourite local cafes. It's hidden away amongst the terrace houses and you have to know of it to find it. I would tell you where it is but I get a little bit cranky when there is a line and my tummy is grumbling.

♥ Dressing up to face the day
♥ Wandering around town admiring the pretty houses
♥ Much needed giant cappuccino
♥ Eggs benedict + scrambled eggs
♥ Gorgeous mismatched china
♥ The plate matches the floral pattern on my dress
♥ Flicking through the pretty pictures in Vogue (too tired to read)

Thank You Giveaway One

I have only been blogging for a relatively short time but I have been overwhelmed by the lovely comments + handy tips + interesting stories + support I have received from all of you. So I thought it was about time to do two little giveaways to say a big thank you. Every single comment means the world to me, and I love finding and exploring your blogs too! I handpicked two little items from Etsy, because they have so many sweet things, and I am always looking for any excuse to shop on Etsy!

The first giveaway is for a sterling silver book locket necklace adorned with a bow, made by the Enchanted Locket. The giveaway is open to all followers of Give Me Bows anywhere in the world and all you have to do to enter is comment below! (preferably with an email address so that I can contact you if you win, but if you don't feel comfortable giving that out, I can announce the winner on the blog.) Entries are open until midnight 9 June 2011.